TTC (Teacher Training Course)

دوره TKT در 22 جلسه یک و نیم ساعته برگزار می شود که به صورت تئوری و عملی همه مباحث TKT را پوشش می دهد. در انتهای دوره شرکت کنندگان دوره باید سه جلسه Observe کلاسی داشته باشند و گزارشی از مطالب فراگرفته در کلاس واقعی را تهیه کنند و تحویل دهند. بعد از جلسات آموزشی و Observe، امتحان نهایی از هر سه ماژول گرفته می شود و مدرک معتبر پایان دوره از طرف دانشگاه ارومیه مطابق بندهای دانشگاه کمبریج به شرکت کنندگان ارائه می گردد.

TTC (Teacher Training Course)

Royaye Danesh Center Of Foreign Languages is proud to hold and offer English teacher training courses held by prominent and professional professors in this field and based on the educational syllabus of Cambridge University . Teacher Training Course (TTC) at Royaye Danesh Center Of Foreign Languages  is planned through the outline of the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).

ttc teacher training course

TTC (Teacher Training Course

The TTC course is an experiment that will test your knowledge in the field of English theory and teaching.

If you are a novice teacher and want to increase your self-confidence and teaching skills, or if you are an experienced teacher and want to master a particular area of teaching knowledge, this course will provide the terms and resources you need to progress. In this course, the participants will be introduced to new English-language theories, methods, and techniques, while at the same time practically using these techniques in a variety of contexts throughout the course. This course is suitable for teachers who fancy proving their teaching knowledge with an internationally recognized certificate.

TTC course is suitable for :

  • Novice and experienced teachers
  • For teachers with English level of B1 and above
  • Primary, secondary or advanced level teachers
  • Teachers who want to prove their teaching knowledge
  • Teachers who need an internationally recognized certificate

The TTC exam is a multiple choice test. This test is held after the end of the course and observe sessions in three modules, that can be done individually or in combined with one another.

Module 1 Assessment of teachers’ knowledge in language learning and teaching, including teaching methods and techniques

Module 2 Assessment of teachers’ knowledge in curriculum planning and the use of resources for language teaching

Module 3 Assessment of teachers’ knowledge in the field of teaching and learning process management

Holding TTC course in Royaye Danesh Center Of Foreign Languages

Royaye Danesh Center Of Foreign Languages is holding the TTC courses in all three modules to strengthen the level of teaching knowledge for beginner and advanced teachers. The course consists of 22 90-minute sessions that theoretically and practically cover all TTC topics. At the end of the course, the participants should have three observe sessions and prepare and submit a report on what has been learned in the actual class. After the training and observe sessions, the final exam will be taken from all three modules.

The points you will gain by participating in this course at the Royaye Danesh Center Of Foreign Languages :

Taught by experienced and academic professors

– Coverage of practical and theoretical contents

– Consolidated coverage of all three modules

– Having updated resources

– Specialized classes with the appropriate facilities

– Educational and practical follow-up

To get admission, send a grade to the desired university, and receive a free consultation about the TTC (Teacher Training Course) , contact the experts of the Royaye Danesh Language Center through the  “Contact Us” section.

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