SAT Test

SAT Test

آزمون SAT

آزمون SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test of participants’ language and math skills that assesses their level of readiness to enter university. The SAT is administered by the College Board .

Purpose of taking the SAT

The SAT and American College Testing (ACT) are two important tests for admission to prestigious US universities from the past to the present. Students wishing to study at international universities in Europe, the United States, as well as in Turkey at the undergraduate level in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and engineering must be able to obtain the required score on this test.

The SAT test is not held in Iran, so if you are applying to take this test, you should go to the test locations in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and UAE. It makes more sense for Iranian candidates to take the test in neighboring countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The SAT General exam

The SAT General exam is held 5 to 6 times a year in different countries. The SAT General test is easier than the SAT Subject test.

Most Turkish universities use this test as a criterion for admission to all undergraduate courses. The SAT General test consists of two parts: computational and English (reading and comprehension – writing and language – essay writing (optional)).

SAT General topics and duration

Topics and duration of each part of the SAT General exam

Topics and duration of each part of the SAT General exam

  • Computational section

The math section covers a wide range of topics, including geometry, algebra and data analysis. This section of the test consists of two parts.

The first part has 20 questions and the time to answer the questions in this part is 25 minutes. It is not allowed to use calculator in this section.

The second part consists of 38 questions and the time for answering the questions in this part is 55 minutes. In this section, candidates can answer math questions using a calculator.

  • Reading and comprehension section

The reading and comprehension section contains 52 multiple-choice questions that candidates must answer within 65 minutes. The answers to some of the questions are mentioned directly in the text, but to answer some of the questions, you must understand the author’s meaning, which is indirectly mentioned in the text.

The reading and comprehension section consists of five texts, each of which has a maximum of 11 questions. The texts often include the following:

  • A text from a classic or contemporary work of the US or world literature
  • A text or pair of texts from a US historical document
  • A text about economics, psychology, sociology or some other social sciences
  • Two scientific texts on the basic concepts and developments of earth sciences, biology, chemistry or physics

Note: The text of the questions in this part of the test may contain diagrams and tables. You have to use them to answer some questions. It should be noted that the texts are about these fields of study and only the comprehension is tested and there are no specialized questions in these fields.

  • Language and text evaluation section

The evaluation and writing section of the test consists of 44 multiple-choice questions with a response time of 35 minutes. The questions in this section are about the grammar, sentence, and structure of the paragraph, and assess the participant’s ability to read, find, and correct mistakes in that section.

The questions are related to English language structures as well as sentence and paragraph structure. Skills to be assessed include:

  • Logical and clear reasoning
  • Choosing the best word
  • Proper analysis of topics
  • Modifying sentence or word structure to increase the quality of expression structure
  • Resolving ambiguity in sentence structure; Writing marks

Note: The text of the questions in this part of the test may contain diagrams and tables. You have to use them to answer some questions.

  • Essay section (optional)

In this section, the candidate writes an essay based on the specified topic.

Test score division

The score for each of the computational part and the language part of the test is between 200 and 800. Therefore, the final score of each candidate will be between 400 and 1600. The essay section has a separate score between 1 and 6, the score of which has no effect. The university that intends to accept the candidate will inquire about his / her grade from the examination board.

After participating in this test, the candidate can send the obtained points to the desired universities via the Internet at a specific time and apply for admission.

SAT test centers in Turkey

SAT test centers in Turkey

SAT test centers in Turkey

Test cancellation possibility

Candidates who have registered to take the exam and wish to cancel it will receive only $ 10 of the total payment if they cancel 5 days before the exam.

Change of test date

To change the date of this test, the candidate is required to pay an additional $ 30. By logging in to your SAT account, you can submit a request to change your test date.

Age limitation

This test is taken from students who have completed twelve academic years. There is no age limit for taking this test. General studies have shown that participants in the age group of 17 to 19 participate in this test.

Limit on the number of times to take the test

As with the ACT, there are no restrictions set by the College Board, candidates can take the test indefinitely.

To get admission, send a grade to the desired university, and receive a free consultation about the SAT test, contact the experts of the Royaye Danesh Language Center through the  “Contact Us” section.


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